Brelms Trust CIO

How to apply for a grant

We have an on-line application process. Please read ALL sections of this website before completing the Application Form. The Application Form must be submitted electronically (no paper copies or additional material to be sent).

Applications are assessed throughout the year and grant awards are made quarterly. All decisions will be communicated by email as soon as possible.

Re-applications from existing or previous grantees should not be submitted until 12 months after the date of their final Monitoring and Evaluation Report, which is due 12 months after receipt of a grant payment.

Applications previously rejected need to wait 12 months from their date of rejection before re-applying.

Please note, as an alternative to rejecting an application, Trustees may decide to offer a grant award less than the requested amount.

Trustees do not enter into any communication over reasons why an application is rejected, nor is there an appeals process.

Successful applicants must complete a Monitoring and Evaluation Report towards the end of the first year of the grant, and at the end of each subsequent year if the grant is continuing. Monitoring and Evaluation Reports need to be approved by Trustees before the next year’s grant will be released or, in the case of a final year grant, as a condition for any future reapplication.

As part of the Monitoring and Evaluation process, visits may be requested to existing grantees to report on their projects to the BRELMS Board of Trustees. In some cases, a visit may be requested before a grant is awarded.